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According to extreme news reports,重大新闻 on November 29th, Wuhan University celebrated its 130th anniversary. At the 9th Alumni Forum held that day, Yi Zhongtian, an outstanding alumnus of Wuhan University, gave a speech on the theme of "Li".At the conference, Yi Zhongtian sent a gift to his alma mater, including three poems.Among them, the newly created 96-word four-character poem "Ode to Wuhan University" was donated by alumni for 1 million yuan.

According to The Paper, on November 29th, Yi Zhongtian quipped at the 130th anniversary celebration of Wu Da University that,faceLei Jun donated 1.3 billion yuan, and he was deeply ashamed that he didn't even have 13 yuan.


Image source: Jimu News


Yi Zhongtian's 96-word poem "in exchange for" 1 million donations.

According to extreme news, Yi Zhongtian said:"In the face of 1.3 billion yuan (donation) from Lei Jun alumni, I am deeply ashamed. I don't have 13 yuan. However, I donated money more than ten years ago and established the Hu Guorui Scholarship. "

"Cool autumn, Luojia Ludao. I still remember that when I entered the classroom, all the students were lucky enough to be on the door.Ode to Wuhan UniversityI gave the original to Senior Zeng Wentao to thank him for donating 1 million yuan to Hu Guorui Scholarship.We will never forget the kindness of our alma mater. I sincerely wish my dear alma mater better and better. "


Image source: Jimu News 

Hu Guorui was Yi Zhongtian's mentor. More than ten years ago, Yi Zhongtian donated 125,000 yuan for the scholarship, but later Hu Guorui's scholarship was short of funds, so he thought of writing poems to raise money.

According to public information, Yi Zhongtian was born in 1947. He used to be a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Humanities of Xiamen University.A series of lectures, such as "hundred schools of thought contended in pre-Qin Dynasty" and "Yi Zhongtian tasted the Three Kingdoms", which were given by CCTV's "Lecture Room" program, attracted wide attention.

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Yi Zhongtian wrote poems for the celebration of Wu Da University.


I still remember that when I entered the classroom, the maple trees were cool and the chrysanthemums were yellow.

Every time I see the lake and clouds far away when I climb the mountain, I often suspect that birds are hiding by the trees.

Autumn is ostentatious, spring is lazy, and Mr. Wang is eager to be crazy.

Welcome to the four seas to renovate the page, then put the residual lamp on the frost.


All the students are fortunate enough to be listed on the door wall, like a sea teacher. How to measure it?

Guizi Sanqiu was brewed with honey, and Songtao sang Hua Zhang at the age of 100.

Self-improvement, hongyi, good doctors, and seeking new water conservancy chiefs.

Grammar and science are on the rise, and all loves is full of Tingfang.

Ode to Wuhan University

Build my school on top of Luo Jia. Liquan is cold, and Yu Yu Huang Huang.

The lake is purple and the mountain is glorious. The clouds are steaming, and the phoenix is gathering.

Sakura crown laurel crown, Meishe maple window. The breeze is drizzling, and the color is light and fragrant.

Mu Duo Lang Lang, and Ling Yang Yang. As incisive as a book, it is round and square.

Open up the past and carry forward the future, and the day will come. Thick accumulation and thin hair have a long history.

Scholars are unyielding, and gentlemen are self-reliant. Seeking truth from the new, Xizhen Yong Fang.


Lei Jun: Donation is to cultivate talents.

Let China have more Huawei, Xiaomi, BYD and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

According to the news of Wuhan University News Network on November 29th, on the morning of November 29th, a simple but grand donation signing ceremony was held in a conference room of Wuhan University Administration Building.Lei Jun, an alumnus of the Computer Department of Wuhan University in 1987 and founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, donated 1.3 billion yuan to his alma mater.


Image source: screenshot of Wuhan University News Network

It is understood that,This donation has set a new record for the largest single donation since the establishment of Wuhan University, and it is also the largest personal cash donation received by alumni in universities across the country.

According to Lei Jun's personal news in WeChat official account on November 29th, Lei Jun said at the 9th Alumni Forum that many people still have many misunderstandings about Xiaomi. Some people always say,"Xiaomi is an assembly plant, with little investment in R&D and no core technology."

But in fact, in the 5G standard patent that Xiaomi is considered to be the least good at, Xiaomi also has good results. "This field is the strong point of communication equipment manufacturers, and it needs to be accumulated and precipitated in particular, and it will take years. But even so, in the "Global Patent Family Enterprise Ranking with Effective 5G Standard Essential Patent Statements" issued by China Information and Communication Research Institute this year,Huawei is the world's largest, accounting for 14%; Xiaomi's patents accounted for 4.1%, and it has entered the top ten in the world. "


Image source: Lei Jun personal WeChat official account

In his speech, Lei Jun said that the cash donation of 1.3 billion yuan mainly focused on three directions:Support the basic research of six disciplines of mathematics, physics, literature, history and philosophy, support scientific and technological innovation in the computer field, and support the cultivation of college students. Just to make more engineers, scientists and technology entrepreneurs appear in China,Let China have more Huawei, more Xiaomi, more BYD and more Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.With more such people and companies, China's hard-core science and technology will continue to rise and develop, and the forces supporting China's hard-core science and technology will continue to emerge. We can continue to lead the development of global science and technology, create a better life, and create a better and fairer world where all people can continue to share the fruits of development.

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