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As for the finale of "Sneak",突发新闻 the sacrifice of Lao Zhao made people cry, and Li Lixing was killed a bit. Zheng Nanyan died unknown, making people confused, and did not let me break.

The ending of Zhu Yu only makes me really difficult.

In the play, Zhu Yu is codenamed "Silver Fox", as an important villain in the play, and is also the superior of Fang Jiashu and Su Yalu.It was so easily killed by Su Yalu and Ye Xingcheng, which was a bit incredible.

After watching the ending of Zhu Yu in "Sneak", I really want to say: Zhu Yu is definitely the most useless villain in domestic spy war dramas.

Domestic spy war dramas must be rescued by Liu Yunlong!

At the beginning, the role of "Silver Fox" was half -covered, giving people a mysterious feeling.After all, as if Fang Jiashu and Su Yalu are just under his men.What to do is a ruthless character, otherwise it is not matched with the character settings.

At that time, I was very interesting, and analyzed who was most likely to be the silver fox.

For this reason, I suspected Zheng Feixiong, who had been around Li Lixing, and had doubted Zheng Nanyan, and even I felt that Su Yalu was also doubtful.

I also doubt Zhu Yu, but after analysis, I think Zhu Yu is too young, and the role in the play is too humble.

It does not conform to the setting of "Silver Fox".Because in my subconscious, I still think that silver fox is best a deep -planning role.

Just like the flash officials in "Infernal", and Mu Xihe, it is a person like Zhang Zhijian and Wang Zhiwen, which has a taste.

In "The Lurder", the feeling of Zheng Nanyan played by Shi Wenzhong is more in line with the role setting of "Silver Fox".

Think about it, the silver fox is Zhu Yu, a waiter, how big can she set off?

And Zhu Yu is still so young.

When Zhu Yu admitted that he was a silver fox, I looked at it directly.I couldn't believe it after watching several episodes in a row.

Until the ending of "Sneak", I even suspected that there may be reversal in the end, thinking that "silver fox" may have another person.

After the "Silver Fox" identity is exposed, I don't want to admit it.

At first, I thought that Zhu Yu was young, but maybe she was deep -hearted, otherwise the military was all rice buckets. Let her lead Fang Jiashu and Su Yalu, which is not in line with common sense.

Moreover, when Zhu Yu first rescued the "Four Eyes", he dedicated himself to work, which seemed quite spicy.

However, the more you look at it, the more you feel wrong.

Since the identity of the "Silver Fox" is exposed, Zhu Yu has no major actions and no superb strategies.All day long in the restaurant as a waiter. In addition to giving me the meal, when giving a drink, a beauty plan is basically nothing.

The plot of more than a dozen episodes did not get Ye Xingcheng, did not get Li Lixing, and even her subordinates did not accept him.

Su Yalu didn't say anything, his heart was disdainful.After seeing her, Fang Jiashu didn't even have a righteous words.Moreover, Fang Jiashu took away the information under his eyelids. Her superior, except for the cool words, did not notice it at all.

In addition, even if she is a beauty, she is obviously average, and she feels very powerful and proud.

Ye Xingcheng looked down on him, and Li Lixing looked down on him.

Some time ago, I watched a movie, Ur Shan's "Fengshen", and the self -player played by Na Ran in the film left a deep impression on me.Now that I watched "Sneak", I think Zhu Yu is the most suitable candidate for his own self.

Su Shiji is a fox demon in "Feng Shen".

In "Sneak", Zhu Yu was called Silver Fox.

Both of them have a "fox", which is pretty good.

Near the ending, Yinhu said that Fang Jiashu was a rhododendron. I thought that I should put a big move.As Su Yalu said, it was jealousy and a public revenge.

In his head, he thought of his subordinates.

Relying on himself as a leader, he dares to make an appointment with Ye Xingcheng and Su Yalu.

Obviously he has only one person, dare to put his words, and want to kill others.Good guy, this Zhu Yu is not only ingenious, but also unable to distinguish the situation.

The military system has been layout for so long, and Fang Jiashu and Su Yalu are in such an important position on No. 76.As a result, leading their superiors turned out to be this level.I really can't think of what she has in this position.

Her ending is no wonder that Su Yalu looked down on her, and I felt shameful even in front of the screen.

In this play, Zhu Yu first pretended to be college students, and later pretended to be a waiter.From beginning to end, the position has not risen.Later, if he wanted to hook up Ye Xingcheng, the other party was not interested at all.

Then, he went to Li Lixing again, but the other party was immediately killed.

It's lively, for a long time.

Zhu Yu didn't say anything, and was ridiculed by his own subordinates. He was killed without resistance.

It is no exaggeration to say that Zhu Yu is one of the important villains of the play, which is simply a joke.

I still have to say one more to "Sneak".

The drama "Sneak" is procrastinating, the logic is good or bad, and there are a lot of problems.However, as the feedback from friends of the comment area, there is no big drama to watch at the moment.

Seriously, I thought this drama lineup was strong. I found a large votes such as Huang Xiaoming, Jiang Xin, Wan Qian, Wang Zhifei, Wu Xiaoliang, Feng Hui, and Shi Wenzhong.Similar stories of the classic spy war drama "Lurking".

What is it, it should also be a explosion!

Today, this quality really surprised me.

How expected before the broadcast, how disappointing is it now.

After watching the finale of "Sneak", I lamented several times: Domestic spy war dramas have to be rescued by Liu Yunlong!

It seems that the domestic spy war drama really can't just watch the actor, or it depends on the script, and the quality of the positive film can be determined.

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