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Wonka, a new film of "Sweet Tea": It's too naive for children, but just right for adults.()

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Original title: Wonka,real time news a new film of "Sweet Tea": Children look too naive, but adults look just right.

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You are unhappy and walking on the road with your heart full. Suddenly, you received a note from a child. The note says:

I hope you have candy every day.

Moved, cured, broken defense-this is the feeling after watching the movie Wonka.

On December 3rd, the China premiere of the movie Wonka was held in Beijing.

The film is directed by paul king (Paddington Bear), produced by david heyman (Harry Potter), written by simon farnaby and paul king, and starring Timothée Chalamet, Olivia Coleman, hugh grant and Cara Lane.

Willy wonka is one of the main characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the masterpiece of roald dahl, an outstanding British children's literature writer. He is the "greatest chocolate inventor" and has "the most famous chocolate factory in the world". The film focuses on young Wonka (Timothée Chalamet) and tells his wonderful adventures before opening a chocolate factory.

Roald dahl's fairy tales are always mysterious and strange but full of childlike interest.Wonka basically recreates roald dahl's fairy tale world,The main melody is very clear: wonderful, pure and cured.

Its worldview is wonderful.Wonka is like a magician who makes chocolate. His gentleman's hat can change all kinds of ingredients, and he carries a very delicate chocolate box with him. The chocolate candy he makes can capture everyone's taste buds.

There are many visual wonders in the film, such as eating chocolate balls that can be suspended in the air, chocolate shops that are extremely dreamy and chocolate changes in various forms, "Snowman's tears" that make people's hair increase and their skin color change, and Opalempa people with orange skin and green hair ...

Its values are pure. The story structure of the film is not complicated, and the pros and cons are clear at a glance, so you don't have to bother to guess the reversal.Wonka's goal is also simple: to share her chocolate with the world.

Movies always solve Wonka's difficulties in starting a business in a comic and dramatic way. For example, in order to escape from the laundry for a short time, he invented the "dog hook running automatic laundry system" and even improved the laundry efficiency by 30%. Another example is to make chocolate in order to get giraffe's milk, and bribe the zoo security guards to eat sugar. This kind of sugar makes people crazy in the front, internal friction in the middle and drowsiness in the back.

This is the ideal process of fighting villains and being heroes in childhood fantasy.

Its outlook on life is very healing.Wonka and the orphan "Noodles" (Cara Lane) who grew up in a laundry are both people who have lost their family and their life direction. Noodles lived in the laundry until she met Wonka and tasted the most wonderful chocolate in her life. She began to have a dream and the courage to find her family.

Wonka, on the other hand, persistently hoped that her dead mother could "return" to him and tell him the exclusive secret of making chocolate. It was not until he had an adventure with his friends that he discovered the real secret recipe for making chocolate.

"The key is not how to make chocolate, but the person who shares it with you."

The main creation has played a protective role in the core and atmosphere of the film story. As the director of Paddington Bear, paul king still exerted his amazing imagination in Wonka, creating a gorgeous and real fairy tale world.

Sweet tea has changed the image of a melancholy niche and a serious man, and "let go" herself in the film. In an interview at the Paris premiere, Sweet Tea said that she had played almost all serious and deep roles in ten years, and she was not used to trying to return to a loose and free state at first.

Compared with Wonka, a beautiful and crazy neurotic genius portrayed by Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Sweet Tea makes Wonka more grounded and friendly to friends and strangers.

In the film, there are also old players who have contributed amazing performances. The Opalempa played by hugh grant exudes a funny smell, and the dwarf dance is very memorable. There is also the church priest played by "Mr. Bean" Rowan Atkinson, who is greedy and cute. Even if he is not deliberately funny, the picture of being chased by giraffes really makes people laugh.

Wonka will be officially released in the mainland on December 8 and in North America on December 15.

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