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Welcome to Zhaohui outpost, I am a wave.

In the past two days, Trump criticized Peros three times and said: This crazy woman helped China (unified) dream.

Trump searched by FBI in the Haihu Manor in Palm Beach, Florida

As a result, former US President Trump was "copied", do you believe it?This is really a big news!This is really the beautiful landscape of the United States.Former US President Trump was searched by the Haihu Manor in Palm Beach, Florida. This was equivalent to Bayeng's home to Trump's home!


Old rules, photos, today's photos belong to the former president of the United States who was ridiculed by Chinese netizens as Comrade Trump.

Why do you call you comrades? Because, his naive language and innocent practices completely expose the strategic attempts of the United States for China, so that China truly understands the sinister intention of the United States.Therefore, the Chinese people thanked him and called him comrades.This does have a certain sense. If the United States hides a strategic attempt deeper, like boiling frogs in warm water, it is really more terrible. China has stepped up the strategic bottom -line thinking and the limit is preparing.And the American comrades who trigger the trip.Otherwise, many Chinese people can't see the United States and don't believe that the United States is so sinister.

Well, we talked about it. This happened after Trump said that he participated in the presidential election again, and it also happened in Trump three times to criticize Pelosi and said: This crazy woman helped China (unified) dream.

So he became the first former US president searched by FBI, and he once again created the history of the United States.Obviously, this is not easy, because this time it is the United States Department of Justice, FBI and Federal Judge joined forces. At present, it really does not rule out that it is really a little bit greasy.Because, even if the former Vice President Pence, who has been against Trump, has publicly said that she has expressed "deep attention" about the incident and believes that "there is no private house in the American history.", Even said that the US Department of Justice has" party prejudice ", which significantly destroys the confidence of Americans' judicial judicial.


The Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi said that when he was searched by Trump Lake Manor, no one could overlook the law, even if it is a US president and a former president.

Trump said his safe was also opened by agents.

Some people familiar with the matter said that the search was related to the White House took away a large number of confidential documents from the White House.

The disclosure of the American media is one after another.The federal judge who issued a search order this time actually donated the political opponents of Obama and Trump. Everyone knows that everyone who has died in prison, playing with women by themselves, and many politicians in Western countriesThey all go to the party, and the young and beautiful girls are used for them to play, because they have a lot of information about a large number of politicians. As a result, I do n’t know how Emansan himself died. The federal judge who issued a search order was the United StatesThe infamous former lawyer of Eggstein, which is also very educated to some people in China. U.S. justice can be manipulated. In the case of political parties, these countries can use it.Public opinion propaganda, etc., these legendary beautiful lies collapsed.

Well, I pulled up and talked about this. On Monday, Trump's son Eric disclosed that he suddenly received a call saying that more than 30 armed FBI agents came to the Haihu Manor of their family,Search the manor with a handheld search order.In fact, after Trump left the White House, he lived in the Haihu Manor of Florida most of the time, but it is worth noting that when the FBI search, Trump himself and his son Eric were just in New York.Obviously, the FBI was considered a time, and while he was absent, he took a raid.I think, fortunately Trump is not there, if you are there, according to his personality, I don't know what happens to happen.Then the FBI also successfully took away the box.


After Trump knew it, he was particularly wronged and issued a statement criticism: This is the dark moment of our country. My beautiful home, located in the Haihu Manor in Palm Beach, Florida, is being surrounded by a group of FBI agentsEssenceBefore that, no similar incidents had occurred in the US (former) president ...

FBI searched Trump's home, and it was impossible for this to go through Biden.After the incident, it undoubtedly became the most explosive headline in the United States.The White House's response was that Biden did not know beforehand, and it was only known to watch the news.

Trump emphasized that the United States' political persecution has lasted for many years, and Biden's support has set a new low in American history.Trump believes that he is really unbearable and continue to run for the next president.

Trump accused of saying that this was the Democratic Party's political pursuit of my politics, and the Ministry of Justice became a political tool. The purpose of FBI did this because "the Democratic Party almost wanted to stop me from the Presidential election in 2024.

In fact, Trump maintains his consistent characteristics and reveals the darkness of American politics.In November, the United States was going to conduct mid -term elections in November. The Republican Party all the way to Trump, under the leadership of Trump, formed a crushing trend to the Democratic Party.The Democratic Party's Biden and Pelossi were under great pressure.It can be said without exaggeration that according to Trump's posture to continue to develop, the Democratic Party will lose the control of the two hospitals in November. By that time, Biden was not only a lame president, but a legless president.It's hard to walk!Perlis will also go down.

Now, the struggle between the United States has entered a stage of heat. Bynden's attempt is to use Trump's house to copy from Trump's house, and then use the black material of Trump to realize the reversal of the election.And from the big aspect, this is the internal crisis of the United States. This crisis cannot be passed on to other countries. Then, the pattern of the inner volume will continue to deteriorate. This is the "copy" of Trump's family.The only reason.

This incident is undoubtedly assisted by Trump and the Republican Party, because the FBI's behavior will make American voters more disgusted with the Democratic Party.

After this explosive news, many Trump's hardcore supporters had stood up and protested near Haihu Manor. They said: Biden is very despicable and deal with Trump in this way.

Initial analysis of Pan Ge, the Democratic Party in the United States has been basically unavoidable to lose the two houses of the public.

The American political struggle has reached the point of fierceness, breaking the original order in the past, and also fiercely facing the so -called democracy in the United States. The poisonous sores of American politics are once again experiencing sore scars.The two veterans of Deng and Trump are not allowed to make friends in one position. What democracy and human rights are a joke.

The political struggle of the United States is going to blackened, toxication, and is moving towards tearing and contradictions!The United States, there is no good life in the future!Everyone can imagine that Trump will be re -entered on the president's throne in 2024. When he becomes president, how will he retaliate against these Democratic Party's dignitaries?

However, Trump, you have to be careful.Is the FBI so far?Politic chase is what you said yourself, and this kind of hunting may not be very simple.

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