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Will Trump's reputation be affected if the financial fraud case is opened again?()

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In October,时事热点 former US President Trump ’s civil lawsuit on financial fraud was tried in a court in Manhattan, New York.During the trial, Trump crossed his arms, holding his chest, and kept silent for most of the time. After the trial, Trump told the media that he did not do anything wrong.His presidential campaign.On the 11th of this month, Japan was a day of testimony in Trump, but he stated on the social media on the afternoon of the 10th that he "he would not attend the trial of the next day."The US presidential election was approaching in 2024, and Trump and Biden were busy fighting for public opinion in campaign activities.The latest US polls show that Trump temporarily leads Biden, but if Trump is ruled by criminal cases, Biden's chances will be overtaken.

Trump will not attend the trial

In the history of the United States over the past 237 years, there is no precedent for the former president -except former US President Trump.In October this year, Trump appeared in court for suspected financial fraud.The Manhattan court believes that Trump and his company lied to assets on financial statements for many years, and there were behaviors to deceive banks, insurance companies and other institutions.On November 6, local time, Trump stepped onto the witness.According to the New York Times, in the intense court atmosphere, Trump described the New York State Attorney General Letitia James as a "political thug", claiming that he basically allowed the assistant to report the financial statements.And these documents are actually "worthless", and banks rarely pay attention to them.Trump also sought help from some witnesses.David Williams, a banker of Deutsche Bank, and Rosemary Vrablic, who is responsible for supervising the supervision of hundreds of millions of US dollars loans to Trump's $ hundred million loans, said thatThe bank has conducted due diligence and has not found that Trump has problems in financial statements.

Trump should have appeared in court again during the trial on the 11th of this month. However, at 3:30 pm on the 10th local time, he announced on social media that his previous testimony was "very complete and powerful"There is no need to attend the trial of the next day. "Two insiders who know Trump said that because the judge did not have a good opinion of Trump, any further testimony may have the effect of disadvantages than benefits, so Trump's lawyers do not recommend that he continue to attend the trial.The New York Times analyzes that this judgment can be followed.Before the trial, Arthur F. Engoron, the chief judge of the case, had concluded that Trump had a fraudulent behavior, and Litisia James also demanded that TrumpA $ 250 million fine and permanently banned it from operating companies in New York."Although Trump often believes that he can get rid of the trouble, this time he heard the suggestion."

In addition to this fraud case, Trump also faces other allegations.The first was a confidential document case. In this case, Trump faced 40 criminal charges, and the most serious allegations would make him face a maximum 20 -year imprisonment.Jack Smith, a special US prosecutor, is leading two federal surveys related to Trump, one of which is accusing Trump's confidential documents in the reign of the reign of Trump's home in Florida.The indictment stated that Trump has repeatedly hired assistants and lawyers to help him hide records requested by investigators.Erin Canon, a Federal judge, set the trial date of the case as May 20, 2024.

Another allegations responsible for Smith were related to the attack on the US Congress on January 6, 2021, and the prosecution against Trump included a trick to deceive the US government and conspiracy to obstruct the official procedures.Prosecutors said that after the false propaganda campaign for several weeks of the election results, Trump tried to further delay the voting procedure that had failed with violence incidents in the parliamentary building.The trial was judged in the Federal Court of Washington on March 4, 2024.

In March of this year, Trump was sued in New York. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he paid a "sealing fee" to cover his sex scandal. Therefore, he became the first former US president in history to face criminal allegations in history.EssenceThe case is scheduled to open in the state court on January 4 next year.The New York Times analyzed that the judge was likely to make a final ruling on Trump before the Presidential election was finalized in the 2024 presidential election, and even the Republican Party held a nomination conference in July.

Trump attended the trial in October.

Is it possible to return to the White House?

"Economist" launched a prediction series of 2024 trends in November. The cover design is the side silhouettes of the Earth and Trump. At the same time, the text- "Donald Trump is the world's biggest threat in 2024".

"Economist" wrote in the article that Trump's victory in the 2024 US election is actually "the front and back of a coin", with a probability of at least 50%.Although Trump's lawsuit was entangled, he occupied a dominant position in the Republican primaries, and it was by no means a joke to return to the White House.A number of public opinion surveys show that Trump's support rate of Trump (in the US presidential election, no specific candidate or political party has an overwhelming support to obtain the electoral ticket).In a poll of the New York Times, 59%of voters trust Trump on economic issues, while Biden only 37%.The polls conducted by "Economics" and the poll "YOUGOV" at the end of November showed that 51%of the respondents believed that Trump's performance was better than the current President Biden.EssenceThe Democratic Party Consultation Investigation found that among African, Latin America, Asian, Z, and other groups, interviewees generally support Trump. They believe that Trump ’s economic, inflation problems, crime rates, and crimes, andBorder security and other situations are better than now.

"Economist" analyzes that once Trump returns to the White House, he will make changes.In terms of economy, Trump has plans to levy 10%of tariffs on imported goods, which is three times the current figures. In terms of diplomatic relations, Trump said that "the United States wasting financial resources in Europe and sacrificing forces are the worst decisions."Therefore, there is no possibility of no longer support Ukraine and withdraw from NATO organizations.In addition, Trump is not keen to protect the environment. He claims that the United States has no responsibility to deal with global climate change, which will shatter the world's efforts in slowing climate change.

A polls released by the Wall Street Journal on the 9th show that Trump led Biden 4 percentage points with 47%to 43%, and Biden became the minimum president of the Democratic Party during his term.The Guardian pointed out that although this result shocked many Democrats, they also warned people not to over -interpret the public opinion survey, and no one could guarantee what would happen after one year.The Wall Street Journal stated that although Democrats are generally dissatisfied with Biden, they will still support him on the election day, especially if Trump is a Republican candidate.

"Economist" Trump cover.

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