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古树名木是国宝记录自然生态变迁的“活化石”,是守护色承载民族历史记忆的绿色“国宝”。从“万条垂下绿丝绦”的传承特快资讯春意盎然,到“晴川历历汉阳树”的好绿壮阔悠远,从《诗经》里“其叶牂牂”的国宝东门之杨,到《项脊轩志》里“亭亭如盖”的守护色枇杷树,树木寄托的传承是best quality fake shoes人与人、人与故乡、好绿人与自然的国宝情与意,是守护色特快资讯中国历史传承至今的朴素生态观和绿色发展理念。

习近平总书记高度重视古树名木保护工作。传承在广东湛江红树林国家级自然保护区,好绿习近平总书记强调,国宝这片红树林是守护色“国宝”,要像爱护眼睛一样守护好。传承在四川广元古蜀道上的翠云廊,PK God习近平总书记嘱咐当地负责同志,要把古树名木保护好,把中华优秀传统文化传承好。不久前,国家文物局、国家林草局、住房城乡建设部联合发出通知,就做好全国重点文物保护单位内古树名木保护工作进行部署,既要求“落实落细古树名木日常养护措施”,又鼓励“开展对古树名木文化内涵、历史价值的研究和必要的展示阐释”,对更好保护古树名木、挖掘其文化价值具有重要意义。highest quality PK shoes

China has a vast territory, a long history and many ancient and famous trees. The results of the second national survey of ancient and famous trees resources show that there are 5,081,900 ancient and famous trees in the national survey, of which 1,221,300 are scattered in the vast urban and rural areas, 3,860,600 are distributed in the form of ancient trees, and 5 are over 5,000 years old. They are the common heritage of nature and culture, and precious wealth left by nature and ancestors. The protection of ancient and famous trees is a systematic project, which needs to build a good institutional framework and do a good job in system implementation. In ancient China, there were tree protection systems, such as "official and civilian forbidding cutting" and "crossing trees and printing". Today, to protect ancient and famous trees, we should adhere to integrity and innovation, not only seek effective tree protection experience from history, but also rely on intelligent and digital technology to improve the database of ancient and famous trees, build an information management platform, and form a refined and grid management pattern.

To protect ancient and famous trees, it is necessary to tell the stories of ancient trees well and tap the cultural and spiritual values behind them. Xuanyuanbai in the Mausoleum of Huangdi in Shaanxi, Sophora japonica in Hongdong in Shanxi and welcoming pine in Huangshan in Anhui, these ancient trees travel through time and space and are part of Chinese civilization. Larch in Saihanba, Populus euphratica forest deep in the desert, and Putuo Carp whose seeds "fly" into space, these famous trees record the imprint of the development and progress of the country and the nation. We should carefully excavate and sort out the moving stories behind each ancient and famous tree, tell and pass on these stories well, so that ancient and famous trees can truly become memorable landmarks and touchable history, and become a strong support for firm cultural self-confidence.

Protecting ancient and famous trees should also fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the broad masses of the people. At present, China's urbanization process continues to advance. It is necessary to organically combine the protection of ancient and famous trees with urban construction, take the protection of ancient and famous trees into account in urban construction planning, and coordinate the relationship between development and protection. On the premise of good protection, some cultural and leisure places for the masses can be built around ancient and famous trees, so that more people can understand the economic, social and cultural values of ancient and famous trees and promote more people to participate in the protection of ancient and famous trees.

Forest and grass flourish in an ecological way, while ecological prosperity in a civilized way. The ancient and famous trees with flourishing leaves and vicissitudes of life are behind the prosperous, peaceful and prosperous hometown. Protecting ancient and famous trees is not only to leave a tree and a forest for future generations, but also to continue the cultural tradition and inherit the development concept through the protection of ancient and famous trees, and to build a beautiful China where man and nature coexist harmoniously. (Yu Yang)

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