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Drug drugs during pregnancy, how can she be like this?Intersection()

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Whenever the drama is 时事新闻deserted, I can't help but think of the good classic old drama.

A few days ago, I brushed "Bao Lian Lantern" again. I couldn't help but sigh that the "Three Virgin" at the time was really gentle and beautiful.

In the play, the "Mother of the Three Virgins" is a very good mother, but the "Three Virgin" in reality is not the case.

During her pregnancy, she regarded her baby's health regardless of whether her baby was healthy, and only chose to take drugs irresponsible.

After the child was born, he never thought about the education of the child. If he did not understand the example, he set up a "example" for children to ignore the shame, knowing the law, and the law.

For a while, why did she go to this step?

Let's go into the "Most Beautiful Three Virgin" player, Park Shiyan's life, and find the cause.

Born in Busan, South Korea in 1979, he graduated from Long Island University in the United States.

Park Shiyan's family is very superior, and you can see from her university at the University of Long Island University in the United States.

Entering the entertainment industry is not to make money in the entertainment industry, just because of interest.

In zero years, the dividend period for the development of foreign artists in the Chinese market.

Park Shiyan and Nie Yuan starred in "Sweat BMW", allowing her to quickly open her professional market.

Soon the director starred in Zhuo Wenjun in the TV series "Feng Qiuhuang".

Although she is a Korean artist, her face contours and the pity of my pity made her feel unwilling to play the beauty of costumes.

After partnering with Jiao Enjun's "Feng Qiuhuang", he cooperated again in the TV series "Baolian Lantern".

It was also this drama that made her usher in a peak of her career.

At that time, the playback volume of "Lotus Lantern" was very considerable, reaching 9.1% of the ratings.

It can be said that this drama is a childhood memory of many "post -90s".

And because she played the three virgins she played, she was very pleasing and loving. Although she did not appear in the play, she was liked to have a lot of audiences when she appeared.

The setting of explosive dramas and pleasing people made Park Shiyan quickly gain a large number of fans.

She is also called "the most beautiful three Virgin" and "childhood goddess" by the audience.

After the popularity of China, Park Shiyan returned to South Korea for development.

With very good historical achievements, Park Shiyan got a good script in South Korea.

On December 14, 2005, she premiered in South Korea with the TV series "My Girl" starring Li Duohai, Li Dongxu, and Li Junji.

Once the show was broadcast, it gained huge traffic and became a dark horse on the Korean screen.

Despite the premiere, the playback volume of the first episode was mediocre.

With the subsequent broadcast, the ratings have lowered the ratings. At the end of the end, the national ratings have risen to 24%, while Seoul's ratings are as high as 26.4%, ranking top of the TV series in the same period of the same time.

This phenomenon -level explosion made Park Shiyan completely fire, and various resources came to the door.

Let her go from the newcomer to the position of the first -tier actress.

According to such a career development trend, Park Shiyan will not say to the end.

However, she chose to die.

Life is a long path. Every time you choose will bring a different ending.

Some people choose to go up and see what the scenery of the heights is; but some people just pursue a refreshing for a while, regardless of the road, regardless of other roads, eventually endlessly ended.

Everything is your own choice. No wonder others, you can only say that you have to suffer and make a cocoon.

Others are frustrated in the workplace, but Park Shiyan can occupy both.

When her career was on fire, she also got a relationship.

In 2004, Park Shiyan and Eric (Captain of the Mythical Combination) announced their relationship with a high -profile relationship.

The handsome man and beautiful woman, evenly matched, is a very good pair.

However, because of the work, I was gathered and Li Li had more than a lot of work.

The crackdown that the relationship failed to Park Shiyan was not small. She stopped her work and went to Thailand to heal her affection.

By 2011, Park Shiyan announced the marriage.

The man was a foreigner. She was 4 years old. At that time, Park Shiyan wanted a home, and the other party just could give her a feeling.

After marriage, Park Shiyan was not happy, and she was addicted to the fluttering feeling brought by drug use.

According to Korean media reports, since February 2011, she has injected 185 anesthesia drugs with beauty as an excuse.

What is even more speechless is that she is pregnant during her drug abuse.

The Central Procuratorate of Seoul was sued her in 2013 and was suspected of using abuse of anesthesia.

The 8 -month prison for 8 months was performed and a fine of 3.7 million won was paid.

After this incident, Park Shiyan's career was severely damaged, and marriage reached the end.

Perhaps she was guilty, and she was about to custody the child.

She thought she would be a mother well, but her death did not end.

After being released from prison, she participated in many large -scale film and television dramas for life.

I thought it could be red, but there was no improvement in my career.

Perhaps before marriage, her career was already consuming.

Failure to come back, Park Shiyan attributed the problem to looks, so she began the path of plastic surgery.

But the more cosmetic surgery, the less good, and now I can't see the aura of the "Mother of the Three Virgins" at all.

Perhaps she could never return to her peak again, so she began to rot and abandon himself.

On the morning of January 17, 2021, Park Shiyan was filed by driving for alleged alcohol.

According to police, Park Shiyan hit the vehicle waiting signal on the 3rd street of the silkworm room in Songpo District, Seoul.

At that time, the alcohol concentration in Park Shiyan reached the level of revoking licenses.

Looking back at Park Shiyan's life, it is sighing.

I could have a very perfect ending.

Because of a momentary greed, he failed to keep the moral bottom line. After stepping the wrong step, he destroyed the foundation and wanted to return to the entertainment career.

There was also Ke Zhendong of that year. With "The Girls we chased together in those years," the girls we chased together were popular all over the three sides of the strait, and there was noisone for a while.

Later, great resources such as "Little Times" and "Catch Monster" and the endorsement of oversized brands were also "included in the pocket" by Ke Zhendong, which can be said to have a good future.

But in 2014, he was exposed to be arrested for drug use.

Overnight, the national idols sought after by all people have become a bad artist who shouted.

His endorsement was canceled, the protagonist of the film he participated in was replaced, and he was also blocked.

Later, Ke Zhendong thought of many ways to come back.

What sells miserable on social networking sites, saying that he has regretted it, and begged the majority of netizens to give themselves a chance.

Otherwise, it is to restore your image by doing public welfare activities.

However, these methods are useless, and they are still bombarded by netizens.

It is undeniable that we will definitely encounter a lot of temptations in our lives.

On the road of growth, there are always countless traps waiting for us.

When we do not pay attention, or flash, we will give us a big trip and let us fall into the trough to destroy the Great Wall.

If you want to avoid these temptations, these traps can only adhere to the bottom line and insist on your heart.

mutual encouragement.


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