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Famous actor Yin Xiaotian: He was hurt by his ex -wife. Before his father died, fictional girlfriend deceiveed his father()

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"I always think that in my lifetime,时事新闻 I can see my son, and then re -establish a family, and live a normal life ..."

2020,Yin XiaotianMixed male artist competition in Oriental TV's variety show "Chasing Light!"When his brother ", his father expressed his expectations through the show, hoping that he could form another family and harvest real happiness.

It stands to reason that Yin Xiaotian is a well -known actor, and his appearance is not bad. Why is his father so worried about his lifelong event?Mainly because Yin Xiaotian has experienced major setbacks in emotion, and can even be said to be harm!

When Yin Xiaotian was 36 years old, he introduced his ex -wife, a girl he beloved, and the two quickly fell in love, married, and gave birth to a son after marriage.

What he did not expect was that in this relationship, he was deceived by the other party. In the end, he lost heavy losses in this marriage, and made his lifelong event a father's heart disease.

Before his father was dying, in order to leave his father without regret, Yin Xiaotian woven a lie in kindness, fictional girlfriend deceived his father, and sent his father with tears ...


Yin Xiaotian was born in Liaoning, Liaoning Province in 1978. Like most Northeast man, he is very tall, has a height of 1.8 meters, and has a straightforward personality.

He grew up in a soldier's family. His grandfather was an anti -Japanese cadre and his father was also a soldier. His mother worked in the local judicial system. The family style was particularly good.

When he grew up in the army courtyard, he was influenced by Grandpa and his father. He had a special sense of dependence on soldiers since he was a child. He often hummed various revolutionary songs with Grandpa when he was a child.

At that time, he had a very wild personality, liked to mischief, and had a talent for sports. He learned to swim at a very young age, and was even in the professional swimming coach, but he did not follow the road of athletes.

In 1986, when Yin Xiaotian was 8 years old, the local juvenile palace went to the elementary school who was studying in the primary school he was studying. Yin Xiaotian was in the middle and became the dancer of the Youth Palace.

After entering the Youth Palace, Yin Xiaotian learned to dance for a while. At that time, he didn't particularly like art. He felt boring dancing and gave up.

Yin Xiaotian's parents and teachers felt that his artistic talent was very good. It was suitable for the road of art, so he encouraged and advised him to try more. Later, under the recommendation of the teacher, he was admitted to the Shenyang Art School and re -associated with art.

Yin Xiaotian studied at Shenyang Art School for five years. In these five years, he became a man who could sing and dance through diligence, and also completely liked art.

During this time,Because of his well -dancing dance and solid basic merit, he was often invited to participate in the performances of major evening sessions and activities, and even danced for the famous performance artist Zhao Lirong.

When dancing for others, seeing those actors can perform their favorite roles on the stage, love the public and gain applause from the public. Yin Xiaotian is also eager to become an actor. He decided to apply for a professional performance college.

In 1994, Yin Xiaotian admitted to the Central Academy of Drama, and became the same classmates with actors such as Tao Hong, Duan Yihong, Gong Beiyi, Tu Songyan.

It is worth saying that when Yin Xiaotian was admitted to the Chinese opera, he was only 16 years old, and he became the youngest student in the history of the Department of Performance of the Chinese Opera.


After entering the Chinese opera, Yin Xiaotian did not stay in school in school step by step. Instead, he used the spare time to run in major crews to find the opportunity to shoot.

In 1995, in his sophomore year, he starred in his first TV drama "Return to Me Blue Sky" in his life, playing a full -fledged teenager named "Marin", starting his acting career.

During the college, Yin Xiaotian successively filmed "Family Family" and "The Top of the Forbidden Forbidden". Although these works did not make him popular, he accumulated rich performance experience for him.

After four years of hard work in college, Yin Xiaotian successfully graduated from Chinese opera. Due to rich performance experience and solid acting skills, he was assigned to work at the National Theater.

In the following years, Yin Xiaotian was active on the stage of the drama, while running around in major crews, developing his career with his heart. With his efforts, he quickly ushered in a chance to become popular.

In 2002, Yin Xiaotian was invited to participate in the classic works of "What to save you, my lover" based on the novel of the same name in Haiyan.

In this drama, Yin Xiaotian was arranged to play a character named "Han Ding". The character is simple and kind, and the image of the character is perfect.

In order to play this role well, Yin Xiaotian took a lot of time to ponder in words, to figure out the similar points and differences between himself and the characters, and strive to perfectly portray the character.

His efforts were not in vain. Later, when he played this role, he interpreted the image of the character upright, green, and innocent "Sunshine Big Boy", which impressed many audiences.

After the drama "What to save you, my lover", Yin Xiaotian quickly became popular, and once was known as "the new four young students in the Mainland" with Huang Xiaoming, Da Dawei, and Nie Yuan!

After the popularity was opened, Yin Xiaotian did not flutter, but continued to develop his career.


With the popularity brought by the drama "What to save you, my lover", Yin Xiaotian has continued his resources. He has participated in many film and television works, and even tried costume dramas.The response is very good.

In 2004, Yin Xiaotian and director Zhang Xiaoguang collaborated and filmed the drama "One Metic Sunshine". The play was starred by Sun Yan and He Rundong. He played the corner of "Nian Lilun" in the rich children.

The character's setting is a sister -in -law who should have inherited Noda's family business, but was tampered with his uncle's will tampering his will and invaded his inheritance by his uncle because he was lazy and unreasonable.

When portraying this role, Yin Xiaotian changed the image of the sunny boy left by the audience in "What to save you, my lover", and portrayed the side of his children.Essence

This work not only let the audience see his other side, but also let the director in the circle see his acting skills, providing more opportunities for his subsequent development.

Since 2005, Yin Xiaotian, who is active in the entertainment industry, has successively filmed "Women's Talent Men", "Parker -style left round", "Tears into Gold", "Children in the Grand Courtyard", "Invisible Kill", "Southern" and so on.The works of the ministry, these works are loved by the audience after the launch.

While struggling to work hard in the performing arts circle, Yin Xiaotian did not throw off the drama career. He was also active on the stage of the drama. He has participated in works such as "The Dream of Midsummer Night" and "Urban". The response is particularly good.

However, the good times did not last long. After the rapid development of her career, Yin Xiaotian experienced one strike from career, feelings, and even affection!


In 2012, his career was in full swing, and he collaborated with actress Bian Xiaoxiao to shoot the drama "Gunlin Rain".

Bian Xiaoxiao was born in 1981 and was from Yuncheng, Shanxi. After graduating from middle school, she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. When she appeared in the film "Lotus", she entered the entertainment industry.

With a good appearance and acting skills, she successively participated in works such as "Children's Kangxi", "Pioneer of the Rivers and Lakes", "Song of the Great River", "Legendary Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang", "Bruce Legend", "Yunyun Wharf" and other works,Although it is not a big red, she also has a lot of loyal fans and audiences who like her.

When filming the drama "Gunlin Bullet Rain", Yin Xiaotian and Bian Xiaoxiao conflicted with language due to work. The two completely made trouble. Then Xiaoxiao's assistant bombarded Yin Xiaotian online, saying that Yin Xiaotian played big names and beat actresses.

After Bian Xiaoxiao's assistant voiced, Bian Xiaoxiao himself confirmed that he was the party as soon as possible, and added Yin Xiaotian's related details to her.

This incident quickly caused heated discussions. Many people who did not know the truth have accused Yin Xiaotian, and even the so -called brothers such as Du Chun, Li Chen, Jia Nailiang, who have a good relationship with Yin Xiaotian, also made a voice on the Internet for Xiaoxiao.

Regarding Bian Xiaoxiao's accusations, Yin Xiaotian resolutely denied that without admitting to beating, but because of sympathy and compassion, most people were obviously biased towards Bian Xiaoxiao.

As public opinion became more and more intense, when everyone thought that Yin Xiaotian was playing big names, the surveillance video on the scene was exposed. The monitoring confirmed that Yin Xiaotian did not hit someone. All of this was fabricated by the other party.

According to the staff of the crew, Yin Xiaotian has been hurt by the other party's language on the day of the incident, and has not counterattacked.

With the confirmation of the video and staff, this matter finally came out of the water, and it was completely innocent.

Unfortunately, although Yin Xiaotian proved that he had not played a big name, the impact on him was particularly great.

When he was just in the vortex of public opinion, major advertisers terminated the contract with him. Even if he later proved himself, many directors did not dare to find him to cooperate again. His career was sluggish for a long time.

He leaked in the house in the middle of the night, and he suffered setbacks in his career, and he was emotionally hurt.


In 2014, Yin Xiaotian people introduced a girl named Harina. Harina was originally known as Zhao Yingyan and was from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

During the process of getting along, Yin Xiaotian learned from Harina's mouth that she graduated from Tianjin Medical University undergraduate and graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics. She is a veritable high student.

In addition, Harina also revealed that her family was very good. His father was an executive in a state -owned enterprise, and his mother was the owner of a chain restaurant.

Harina is outstanding in appearance and has a very good temperament. Not only is her education high, but her family is strong. It is a perfect marriage object. Yin Xiaotian naturally won't miss such a girl. With her pursuit, the two quickly came together.

In 2015, Yin Xiaotian's relationship was exposed by the media. On September 5 of the same year, Yin Xiaotian held a wedding in Inner Mongolia in Harinna's hometown.

In order to prove her love for her, Yin Xiaotian hosted a grand wedding for her, invited many friends in the circle to present, and also asked the famous director Zhao Baogang to serve as the master.

In the second year after marriage, Harina gave birth to a son called Yin Xiaotian, named Indozming. I thought that the child's arrival would make the little couple's feelings stronger. I did not expect that the two soon ended the marriage relationship.Essence

In 2017, Yin Xiaotian and Harinna ended their marriage. According to media news, the reason for the divorce of the two was that Harina cheated.

She said before marriage, and her solid family was all fake. As for the tens of millions of wedding rooms and millions of dowry promised before marriage, it was even more impossible to fulfill.

Although Yin Xiaotian loved her deeply, he was deceived by the other party, as if a thorn was always stuck on his heart, and finally he could only end this relationship with divorce.

After the divorce, the child lived with Harina. Yin Xiaotian gave Harina 3.5 million and the support fee of 15,000 yuan per month. Harlena knew that he had a loss and did not entangle Yin Xiaotian. The two gathered well.

Yin Xiaotian, who failed emotionally, had not waited for him to slow down, and he encountered a family blow again.


After Yin Xiaotian divorced, his parents had been worried about his lifelong events, especially his father, and always couldn't rest assured.

In 2020, his father was found to have cancer during the physical examination. It was rectal cancer. Although the operation was performed for the first time, the effect was not obvious.

It may be that he knew that he was not much time. Yin Xiaotian's father had been worried about his son's marriage, hoping that he could gain real happiness as soon as possible.

Participate in "Chase Light!"In the show "Brother", his father revealed his greatest wish through a video. When Yin Xiaotian saw the video, he was particularly not tasteful.

In 2021, Yin Xiaotian's father's condition worsened, and his physical condition became increasingly bad. In order to leave his father without regrets, Yin Xiaotian made a decision after careful consideration, that is to deceive his father.

In April 2021, he borrowed a photo from the female colleague of the same crew to synthesize his photos with the other party. He told his father as a newly known girlfriend. His father thought he had really found a partner, and was happy.Laughing out.

On May 13 of the same year, Yin Xiaotian's father died of illness, and Yin Xiaotian sent his father with tears.

After his father died, Yin Xiaotian assumed the responsibility of taking care of his mother and became the biggest dependence of his mother.

In order to let the mother's pain as soon as possible, Yin Xiaotian slowed down his career and accompanied his mother with heart. With his efforts, his mother slowly became strong.

After that, their mother and son depended on each other, and became each other's reliance, and Yin Xiaotian also used his filial piety to support his mother's old age!

In recent years, as the slanderous incident was getting farther and farther, and the continuous efforts of Yin Xiaotian, his career slowly returned to the right track.

Since 2021, he has participated in many good works that have been loved by the audience, such as "Glory and Dreams", "Chinese Doctor", "ideal shine in China", "Next Love", "Breaking the East", ""Longma Pentium", "Sky Rescue" and so on.

With these excellent works and superb acting skills, he was loved by the public again and became a good actor in the minds of the public!

In 2023, Yin Xiaotian was 45 years old and divorced his ex -wife Harina for 6 years. He was still in a state of stunning. His ex -wife Harina was currently living alone with his son.

If Harina did not deceive him at the beginning, she chose to treat it calmly. Perhaps, the two could really become a pair of fairy couples, but unfortunately, she chose the wrong way.

Here, I hope that Yin Xiaotian, who has developed a good career today, continues to refuel, bringing more good works to the audience.

At the same time, he wished him emotionally deceived and hurt, and he gained real happiness as soon as possible.

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