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From the opening of the house to the online store to earning a suite in improper star, when an anchor is an anchor, a sister of Taobao with an annual income of 30 million()

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Text: Lifetime

When it comes to the king with the goods,hot topic it is neither Zhang Dayi nor Li Jiaqi, a lipstick, but the first female Wei Ya.

In the latest e -commerce promotion -in 618 this year, Wei Ya completed the sales over 500 million yuan on Taobao. On June 1st, Wei Ya's live broadcast roomThe amount broke 62 million, during which 19 items sold more than one million.Taobao live broadcast throughout 2018 was about 100 billion yuan, during which Weiya completed 2.7 billion. On the day of Double Eleven, she completed the sales of 330 million.

In 2018, Weiya completed 2.7 billion sales

Behind such a large amount of transaction amount, even if it is just a single commission share, Wei Ya is enough to make many listed companies be ashamed, and all of this starting point is the Beijing Zoo's clothing market.

In 2003, Wei Ya and his later husband Dong Haifeng opened a 6 -square -meter clothing store in the Beijing Zoo's clothing wholesale market.The Beijing moved in Beijing in 1992. At its peak, the average daily traffic was 100,000, which was the largest clothing wholesale distribution center in the northern region.Around 2000 is the hottest period of Beijing's approval. Wei Ya received the first bucket of gold here. Not only did he directly face the customer's experience of polishing his fashion design, he also invested in the clothing processing plant to control from production to sales from production to sales.The whole link.

Like other girls with celebrities, in 2005, Wei Ya participated in a variety show called "Super Idol". She was pierced into the entertainment circle. With her beautiful appearance, she and Lin Junjie have shot advertisements., I have been in charge of entertainment programs with Dai Jun and even performed with Jackie Chan.If you do n’t choose again, the biggest may be the little star who faces younger and more beautiful girl competitions at any time.

Weiya participated in a variety show show

After trying the bull knife, Wei Ya returned to the clothing profession, but at this time in Beijing's motion -approved competition, Wei Ya was doing a flat model and running an offline clothing store.Due to the chance, Wei Ya and Dong Haifeng went to Xi'an in 2008. Four years later, their women's wholesale stores have now expanded to 7.

Time reached 2012, my country's e -commerce e -commerce was finally strong enough to be able to compete with physical stores, and Tao brands such as Inman and Yudifang also rose in accordance with this period.Wei Ya, who has been in his career for a long time, is keenly aware of the strong strength of the rise of e -commerce. After some investigations, the couple quickly closed 7 offline stores, went south to Guangzhou, and All in entered e -commerce.

However, the offline and online play are obviously different. In the first year, Via lost more than 2 million, and had to sell a set of houses in Guangzhou to perfunctory online store turnover.After being a model and has the advantage of appearance, Wei Ya became an active "Amoy Girl" on Taobao. By 2015, Via's Taobao shop barely achieved the sales of more than 30 million.

Weiya became the first batch of anchors settled in Taobao live broadcast

On April 21, 2016, the Taobao Live Channel was officially launched, and Wei Ya became the first batch of anchors settled in Taobao live broadcast.Taobao Live is a new content shopping guide method on the Taobao and Tmall platform, which combines entertainment. Its essence is also a fan economy. It is a direction and trial and error in Taobao itself.However, for Via, she tried her best to invest in. Although she may not have a clear direction and victory, she insisted on fighting for 16 hours a day.The experience of day after day, she finally made her have an explosive strength and continued to explode.

Soon, the business effect of Taobao live is beyond everyone's imagination. The intuitive display of the product and the real -time interaction with netizens not only activated the enthusiasm of netizens to chop their hands, but also detonated Weiya's e -commerce business.out of hand.

Wei Ya's commission is enough to buy a very good house in Hangzhou

In 2016, 6 million yuan was sold on the day of Double Eleven.

On October 10, 2017, Via's live broadcast attracted 1.535 million users to watch, rewritten the record of Taobao live broadcast, and the turnover of the day was 120 million.At that time, Gu Mo, the person in charge of Taobao live broadcast, said in his circle of friends: "In this live broadcast, Wei Ya's commission is enough to buy a very good house in Hangzhou."Wei Ya entered the harvest period.

Taobao has released a list of revenue in the public. Throughout 2017, Weiya topped the list with an annual income of 30 million.

Weiya topped the list with an annual income of 30 million

In the Double Eleven of 2018, Wei Ya successfully completed the sales of 3.30 million, rewriting the record again, with a total of 2.7 billion yuan in annual goods; in the 2018 list of the list, whether it was the number of viewers of a single live broadcast throughout the year, it was still transaction conversion.Leversion, Wei Ya is far ahead and ranks first.

Watching the doorway, the layman watched the lively.In the eyes of most people, there is no difference between Taobao anchors and the anchors in the show. They look beautiful and then make makeup. Just smile at the fans in front of the screen.However, in fact, the profession of anchor has been caught up with a long way to pursue commercialization in the continuous survival of the fittest.

Before becoming a Taobao anchor, Wei Ya experienced too many different identities -offline women's clothing shop owners, singers, online shop owners, and Tao girl.Each identity is "helping" Weiya today. She has a stronger professionalism. During the live broadcast, she has a hand -made version and fabric.She has the application scenario of the allocation of customers' clothes and gives useful dressing suggestions.It also benefits from the experience of clothing design, professional clothing deployment skills and unique clothing design, which can better invest in fans' dressing preferences and improve the loyalty of fans.

Weiya Fan Festival this year

Wei Ya is still a successful businessman. She has her own factory in Guangzhou, and most of the women's clothing sold from there.In the e -commerce live broadcast circle, there are not many anchors in their own factories. Behind this is huge manpower costs and warehousing costs. The anchor needs to be supported by stable and considerable orders.

Today, Weiya is no longer a single shot. There are hundreds of people behind them, just like a precise instrument. Weiya is cut into several gears of different sizes in 24 hours.All can work normally, and then there is a steady stream of income.

It seems that Wei Ya caught up with the outlet of Taobao's content e -commerce, but in a sense, all the previous tribes of Wei Ya were greeted this wind, and then stood out.

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