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Which cities to update passwords are hidden in the Hengfu style area?Following the Xu Liqiang, the secretary of the Xuhui District Committee, to a citywalk!()

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Thehot topic following article comes from the box, the author Gu Yilin

The phone box.

A group of serious reporters say serious business

To say that Shanghai is most suitable for citywalk

"Hengfu style zone"

You can definitely have names

Hold a glass of hot red wine

Step on the sycamore leaves

Torter in garden houses and street shops

Feel the winter romance exclusive to Xuhui

In fact, Xu Hui pursued

Not just the beautiful "face" of the neighborhood

It is also the "Lizi" of the living conditions of the people

In the city update of the style area

How to continue the historical context

Improve the quality of living?

In "2023 Dialogue District Party Secretary"

Cao Liqiang, Secretary of the Xuhui District Committee

In the form of cityWalk

Give this

Xuhui answer sheet of urban renewal

Huaihai Middle Road 1240

"Three Old" becomes "Sanxin"

1240 Huaihai Middle Road, many Xuhui Aboriginal people did not know that there was such a back street and alleys in the downtown area.

It is behind the Guangming apartment in the middle of the Huaihai Road. It is a residential house transformed from the old garage. The smallest residential area is only 5 square meters.

Stepping into it, as if in the old Shanghai movie studio.The tidy shoes at the door of the house, half used to use half of the dishwasure on the stove, and the vase that has not had time to change the water. Here, there is still a trace of life.

It is happy that today, the owners of these objects and 65 residents have bid farewell to the unsteady space and rushed to a new life.The signing ratio of this sporadic old -fashioned plot reached 100 %, and the dream of residents who wanted to improve the living conditions for many years became a reality.

The first stop of CityWalk, why choose this culprit, dim, or even humble place?

"This is what Xu Hui wants to solve the next one. Go deep into the hall and improve the living conditions of the people." Cao Liqiang, secretary of the Xuhui District Committee, said that there are as many as 2.2 in the Hengfu style area like this.More than 10,000 sets.

This is the real life scene of some people under the bright appearance of the style area.Some beautiful old villas walked in, but more than 20 households lived together, and kitchen and bathroom were used together.

Cao Liqiang said, "Old changes, and small beams and thin plates have all been completed. The next hard bone is a complete set of transformations. Promote the three old changes and three news, that is, let old houses wear new clothes and old communities to change new faces., Residents of old communities live a new life. "

Among the 22,000 houses that are not complete, about 40%are concentrated on the east side of the Xuhui tablet of the Hengfu style area, namely north to Huaihai Middle Road, Nanchang Road, south to Zhaojiabang Road, south of Shaanxi Road in the east, Fenyang Road in the west, TaiyuanThe 12 neighborhoods of the road have a total area of about 0.8 square kilometers and are called "Hengdong Twelve Square".

Xuhui will focus on the "Hengdong Twelve Square" city renewal project to explore the working mechanism of accelerating the appearance and activation functions of the central urban area.

Wuzhong City Collection

Keep fireworks

The Wuzhong City Collection, this is one of the few in Shanghai. The vegetable farm that is well known by young people is cordially referred to as the "net green" vegetable field by netizens.

Dark green exterior walls, light yellow walls, mosaic floor tiles, and metal signs, with "INS wind".Vegetables and fruits and fresh meat sold by traditional vegetable farms are all available here.Trendy and fireworks coexist, this is Shanghai.

In fact, the predecessor of Wuzhong's collection was a messy road cuisine. After concentrating to No. 318 Middle Road in Urumqi, it has undergone two major transformations, and every time it follows the trend."Net Red" or "Net Green" is just its label. Its real righteousness is to serve the surrounding residents.

"This is flower eggplant, this is bitter gourd, this is the bitter dish. Now in winter, the tower bitter vegetables are the best, you can fried winter bamboo shoots."Update, you must keep the fireworks. "

Anfu Road Party and Mass Service Station

Small scale, humanity

Anfu Road, this century -old small road, has become popular all year round, becoming the street shot "Universe Center" on social media.

On this day, Shanghai cools down, but the outside of the Anfu Road coffee shop is still full of popularity. Young people hold coffee and talk hot.

"Every time I pass by here is crowded, sitting here in a daze, I am very happy to see the sycamore leaves on the ground." Cao Liqiang said with a smile.

The urban renewal of a small road in the appearance area is small -scale and humanized.When I was shopping, I didn't notice that it was paved along the street where the net red shop and buyer shop were tied along the street, which was the party and mass service station of the Anfu residential area.

After the upgrade, it "walked to" the road along the street from the depths of Lane, becoming a public space for citizens to rest and communicate.

Although the sparrows are small and have all the internal organs, there is a close connection of people in this small corner.

Cao Liqiang introduced: "A neighborhood committee here must take care of several alley, and the residents asked all the way to find all the way, and the affairs of the business must be deep. Now it is open to the surrounding residents.Workers and courier brothers can come to rest. The people call, I respond. "

550 Lane neighboring

"Little Fortunately" at the door of the house

In October this year, tennis superstar Federer participated in the Shanghai Tennis Masters, and wanted to taste the authentic Shanghai earlier. Therefore, he pierced the 550s of South Shaanxi Road.

Why can this old -fashioned Lao Tang, who can attract the attention of "Fisher"?The last stop of our citywalk came here.

Every morning at 6 o'clock in the morning, the whole part of the pursuit must be Lu Dong Baozipu, who had been opened for 15 years, and the buns of Baihuahua were hot, and the boss and every old customer greeted him with a smile.

In 5 meters, it is the newly opened community cafeteria this year. Will it affect the business of Baozipu?"After the community canteen opens, our business is even better than before!" The answer of Baozipu's boss was unexpected by many people.

It turned out that in order not to affect the operation of Baozipu, the community cafeteria deliberately adjusted the breakfast varieties. In the morning, they did not sell buns. Some residents finished eating the cafeteria and would buy a few buns next to them.

In the past 550, almost all residents on the first floor set up illegal and broke the wall.Pedestrians can only go sideways in the hall.Through the renovation and transformation of recent years, the century -old Lane has also ushered in a new life.

In the first half of this year, the 550s of the Tianping Street, which was open to each other, also became the "Xiaoying Fortunately" at the door of the residents' house.

To solve the "rigid demand" of three meals, entertainment and fitness, etc., not only provides courses such as Tai Chi, Guqin, but also traditional activities such as Nongtang Games, Shanghai dialect winding passwords, and warm up "Nongtang Chenguang".

When you pick up the steps, come to the most distinctive "wind and cooling platform" here.Standing on the terrace, Cao Liqiang and the young planning designers jointly discussed the urban renewal plan of Hengdong Twelve Square.

Zhou Chun, deputy director of the Xiong'an Smart Planning and Design Institute of Shanghai Tongji Planning and Design Institute, said: "During the survey, the residents pulled us to complain, such as pouring water, lighting problems, and almost no sun on the first floor, and coal on the first floor, and coal on the first floor, and coal on the first floor, and coal on the first floor.Wei He uses. When can we improve the environment? Want to be included in this update project. "

The resident representative Qiu Rui lived on Wuyuan Road. He mentioned such a scene: "Maybe you don't understand. Every time you open your eyes and see a small room with less than ten square meters and 20 square meters, you may live in his grandchildren.Three generations. In the toilet, the neighbors next door knocked on the door and said that you are faster. It is very inconvenient. It is a look area outside, and there may be seven aunts and eight aunts inside. "

Cao Liqiang said: "The difficulty of urban renewal is very high, and the expectations of ordinary people are also very high. In terms of methods and methods, it must be diverse, and it must meet the diverse needs of the people. We must make the people more benefit, but we also have to exploreInnovative cities update sustainable problems. Especially in the appearance area, a balance of mechanism is needed. "

Xuhui District will establish the appearance of the style renewal, complete the establishment of the "Hengdong Twelve Square" renewal plan during the year, and take a large -scale and representative Zhang family as a pilot.

Cao Liqiang said: "By renovation, Zhang Jianeong's style is better, improve the city's texture, and further improve the urban function. At the same time, it is necessary to make up for some cultural facilities and achieve the high -quality development of Xuhui by improving the soft power of cultural soft power."

In the renewal idea of "Hengdong Twelve Square", Xuhui will focus on the four aspects: "the historical style continuation, the optimization of living space, the improvement of public services, and the inspiration of business vitality".

There are specific methods, adhere to the principles of protective updates, and on the basis of the evaluation of the value value, the historical buildings will be used to retain the repair and the style of reconstruction of the style.

The use of new, renovation, and repair to improve the original living conditions and improve the quality of living space.In particular, paying attention to the reasonable conversion of house functions, through the restoration of the internal structure of historical buildings, transformed into commercial housing and long -term rental apartments in the face of different people.

In terms of improving the energy level of public services, combined with the characteristics of the distribution of resource elements, summarizing the existing shortcomings, through sporadic old reforms and existing potentials to accurately provide public services.

For example, the "life box" with a composite function is supplemented to improve the convenience and availability of public service facilities.

For example, optimize the layout of resources such as schools and green spaces, and promote the balanced allocation of public resources.Added a series of public channels and commercial channels along the street to open the breakpoint blocking point to form a slow -moving ring line with the complexity.

In terms of building a diverse vitality sector, we integrate different formats, implant the starting economy, night economy, and brand economy, bringing full -type, all -weather, and full -age shopping and leisure entertainment experience to residents and tourists.

For example, optimize the existing foundation business format, expand the radiation range of the Huaihai Road business district, and form the main axis of commercial services from north to south.

For another example, highlight the characteristics of the surrounding branch roads, continue the positioning of Yongkang Road Net Red Coffee Shop, and create a slow -moving district of Yongjia Road History and Culture and Pocket Park.

In the future, Xuhui will explore further

Sustainable urban renewal mode

Efforts to form the historical style of Jihai School

High -quality residence

Multi -supporting service

All -weather vitality and

Specialized Cultural Tourism is integrated

Haipai Life 2.0 version

Original title: "Which cities are hidden in the Hengfu style area to update passwords?Follow the secretary of the Xuhui District Committee Cao Liqiang to a citywalk! "

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