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At present,一刻资讯 Biden's goal is very clear, that is, the continued arch fire in Ukraine to fight with the Russian army to completely consume Russia.To this end, it must be strongly supported by the allies.It is even better for Europeans to charge ahead.But recently, Biden seemed a little dumbfounded.Because the United States is now in front of the forefront, and European allies seem to be "falling behind."Biden himself was so fast in the fire pit.

It has been said that the Gonghuo Ukraine War was digging and buried.That is, it is impossible to stroke Russia, nor is it possible to completely control Europe.The United States itself is difficult to start the Indo -Pacific strategy because of the restraint of Ukraine.What is important is to change the European security order system.In short, the global strategy of the United States is completely disrupted.The world change must be accelerated, and the US hegemony must be greatly weakened.

Although Biden did not believe in evil, the United States was unable to fully control the trend of the world situation, and it was more difficult to change the situation of the Ukrainian battlefield.However, Biden couldn't go back and could only continue his scalp and continued to arch until he arched himself into the fire.

Today's Ukraine War can be said that the United States was preparing as early as 8 years ago.Because after the Crimean incident, the United States spent strongly to train the Ukrainian army.

According to the Wall Street Journal on the 13th, the United States and its Western allies began training Ukraine soldiers many years ago.In the past eight years, NATO has trained the Ukraine through military courses and large military exercises every year.The Pentagon of the United States also acknowledged that the United States trained U.S. military officers as early as the Ukraine crisis.At present, the United States is still trained at the Urcel.

The United States not only expands Ukraine into NATO, but also has a strong combat effectiveness before entering NATO.Perhaps, it has long been designed to add NATO as a bait to seduce Ukraine to fight against Russia.In this way, we can consume more effective Russia, and it can also avoid NATO and Russia directly.This agent war has long been designed.

Therefore, although France actively signed the Minsk agreement, the U.S. government at that time was indifferent.What the United States wants is that war is not a peace agreement.The Minsk agreement has actually laid a foreshadowing for the division of the United States and France.

Although European countries have been sanctioning and providing weapons for Ukraine.Obviously, the stamina is insufficient, and even some of the backing.Compared with the rapid consumption of the Ukraine, the weapons and equipment provided by the Europeans cannot keep up with the rhythm.It can be said that the main thing is that the United States is actively supporting the United Kingdom.

In terms of sanctions, the United States announced the energy embargo early in the morning.But the European Union has not reached unification so far.

For the newly introduced oil ban, one is not to mention natural gas, and the other is difficult to pass.Because Hungary and other countries resolutely oppose it.If the embargo is not exempted, I am afraid that the veto will be exercised.

In terms of settlement of Russian energy with rubles, it is said that 9 countries have secretly "Tong Russia."Even the United Kingdom is the case.This is not only the issue of energy embargo, but also shows that financial sanctions are difficult to maximize the effect.

When Macron communicated with Putin, although the content was confidential, it revealed the pony's concerns about food safety.This is the desire to stop war as soon as possible.That is, it is opposed to consume Russia with long -lasting war, and the second is to indicate that France will not find itself at the food issue.This actually shows France's attitude towards sanctions and war.When it comes to its own interests, France will definitely not sacrifice itself into the United States.Of course, other countries will think so.Germany will never sacrifice its own interests in terms of natural gas.After a long time, all kinds of loopholes in sanctions will appear.

Although the current attack effect of the Russian army is not as expected, it is necessary to say that the Russian army is destined to consume it, and it will even be defeated by the Ukraine, that is, the same idiots like Biden and Zeelianzki.Now the Russian army is focusing on cutting off the supplies of the Ukraine and is also being encircled by the Ukraine.

This also means that no matter how much the United States provides heavy equipment, it cannot change the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield.Since the United States has mobilized the US military industry for military assistance in the military, it has to step up the production while stepping up the production.This also means that the degree of intervention in the battlefield is getting deeper.Russia has long warned that this will directly trigger the US -Russian war.Instead of warning, the war will directly trigger the war between Russia and NATO.In other words, Russia took the United States as an independent goal early.

One of the problems now supports the damage to the Ukrainian war and strict sanctions against Russia to the European economy rapidly.Therefore, the major European countries will never want to fight for a long time, and they are trying to avoid detonating the European War.This is to consume Russia's mixing with Bayon's long -term war.Biden also wanted to pull a fire in Europe or more countries, and countries such as France and Germany have actually tried to "extinguish the fire".The United States can only arch.

The second problem is that there are serious differences in the European Union in the US and European EU.US sanctions are becoming more and more severe, and European sanctions seem to be loosened.

In particular, the United States is currently brewing "confiscation" Russia's country and private property in the United States.This is obviously a trick of Gonghuo war.It was also angered to Russia.This not only violates international law, but also violates American internal law.If Europe does not participate, the United States can only be a loss of its own retaliation of Russia.

From the beginning, Biden emphasized that the Ukrainian war was a security crisis in Europe, which means that the United States is helping Europe to maintain security order.This is obviously wanting to put yourself outside or behind.But at present, it is obvious that the United States has been arming forward, while the European side has begun to "leave the line" intentionally or unintentionally.The United States was prominently at the forefront.

The United States has paid hugely, and can only continue to pay the "Supervisor" Ukraine.However, Ukraine has recently showed the lion's opening.Not only must a large number of arms, but also a lot of financial support.If Biden does not continue to increase, Zealian is likely to retreat.The reason why Russia's negotiations have not been interrupted, in fact, they are used to catch up with this big goldfish.

In this regard, the US media has begun to complain and disgusted, saying that Zelei Sky is mainly anti -customers.It is too suspicious to eat.

After Russia was out of breath, Poland recently seemed not to be so happy.It may have realized the seriousness of the problem.The United States suddenly took Finland and Sweden to carry out military exercises in large -scale, which is mainly related to Eastern European countries.

In terms of the attitude towards the Ukrainian war, Biden not only failed to control Europe, but it may further expand the differences in the existence.The vast majority of non -Western countries are obviously singing against the United States.

On May 4th, the Rotent President of the G20 (G20) Group (G20) Rotating Chairman Guohiko and the Southeast Asian National Alliance (ASEAN) rotate chairman Guo Cambodia and the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) Rotating Chairman Cathay Thailand issued a joint statement, stating that all member states will invite all member states to participate inOrganize the summit.This is obviously a move that fights against the United States asks to kick Russia out of international organizations.

Even the Pope stated that it was the "roar" of the United States and Europe that caused a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.This is obviously a clear accusation for the long -term warning of Biden.

Although heavy weapons provided by the United States can improve the combat effectiveness of the Ukraine to some extent.However, the stronger the combat effectiveness of the Ukraine, the greater the possibility of being destroyed by the Russian army.In addition, Putin has now begun to focus on cracking down on Ukraine's supply line. No matter how many weapons provided by the United States, it is impossible to reach the front of the Ukraine.Perhaps the production speed of U.S. military industry can no longer keep up with the speed of being destroyed by the Russian army and consumption of the URA.Instead of fighting, it will become the advantage of Putin.

Recently, Zeleian Matsumoto released the "Meat Shield" of Mali Ubolne.The first is the pressure of international public opinion; the other is to show that the various materials in the Mali Ubol Steel Factory are almost consumed; the third is to release a certain signal to Putin.If there are really big fish or secrets in it, I am afraid that I will be in a hurry to get angry.

Putin has opened the process of integration between the Wudong region and Russia, which should be tremendous for Zelem.If you play for a long time, most of the Wudong region will really "separate" out.It is the so -called "daddy and death to marry someone, personally take care of individuals".

In short, Biden has no tricks except for arch fire.And to this level, it can only continue to arch to the end.If the European or Poland cannot be arched into the battlefield, the United States can only face Russia directly.Because Europe has significantly slowed down and started to "lose".

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