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Deng Ziqi concert over the car. Perfecting the wedding dress is suspected of glowing on the chest, netizens: the scale is too large()

更新时间:2024-02-28 00:05:08
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From no one realized the fans of all people,hot news Deng Ziqi used only one "Bubble".

Because of the singing effect of the singing, Deng Ziqi on the stage is called an iron lung small queen.

In recent years, the young and cute girl has transformed into an important figure in the Chinese music scene.Deng Ziqi has always maintained his enthusiasm for music and moved forward firmly on the road of music.

Her singing skills are highly recognizable and can control many styles of songs, and the shape of each performance is as changing as her song style, which makes people feel fresh in front of her eyes.

She has long insisted on fitness and has a good figure. A previous swimming pool bikini photo was directly searching.Therefore, she dares to show her perfect curve at the concert.

Recently, Deng Ziqi launched the World Tour Concert with the theme of "I am Gloria". She turned into a bride at the scene of the performance meeting and invited everyone to come to her wedding scene. The expectations of fans are overwhelming.

On the day of the concert, the crowds of the scene surged.However, it may be bad luck, or maybe the preparation is not in place and the concert is full.

During the singing process, Deng Ziqi came to power in the wedding dress he personally designed by himself. He accidentally stepped on the skirt and fell directly, and then fell from the lifting platform, causing the audience to exclaim for a while.

Watching Deng Ziqi suddenly fell, more than 30,000 audiences at the scene were shocked and couldn't speak. The audience held his breath and prayed silently for Deng Ziqi, hoping that she did not hurt.

After Deng Ziqi fell, his emotions had not been calmed down, but he did not forget to appease the fans: Just 30,000 people just watched me fall there, but you can still stand up. This is the most important thing.

Deng Ziqi's face was panicked, and her expression seemed a little panic.

Speaking, her emotions became unprepared for a time, and tears couldn't help her eyes.

In addition, the wedding dress worn by Deng Ziqi is slightly weird. The recent picture is really shameful.The main reason is that this wedding chest design is too unique.

Judging from the live video, the skirt was covered with some irregular prints, and it looked a little obtrusive.The design on the chest is similar to that of the color. The khaki spots are under the dim light, and the overall effect is like seeing.

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With the outflow of video and photos, many netizens have expressed their shock, and the screaming scale is too large, which is simply embarrassing.

Some netizens leave a message in the comment area: they have left a big score.

Some netizens even ridiculed: before I came in, I thought it was a picture of patients with breast cancer.

In addition, in addition to clothing and styling, Wumei design is also considered not good enough.

More importantly, the audio of the concert actually blocked the big screen.

However, judging from the officially released refined photos, if there is no embarrassing part, the whole dress looks very stylish.

Especially from the front, it seems that the empty cave on the skirt is silently telling a touching love story.

Of course, after the concert, many photos of netizens of different versions have also flowed out.Some netizens took Deng Ziqi to look like a rosy Princess White Snow, smart and cute.

Some are like the younger sisters who have just been wronged make people look like pity.

Some were perfectly fitted with the renderings on the stage at the time. It seemed that the heroine in the movie came slowly holding the microphone.The overall presentation makes people unknowingly sigh that this concert is really not in vain.

In the end, Deng Ziqi's studio shared all the beautiful photos of the concert, aside from the mistakes on the platform. After the whole concert, Deng Ziqi brought you a dual beautiful experience in visual and hearing.

Deng Ziqi was originally known as Deng Shiying. He was born in 1991. He was a child of others in his mouth since he was a child.She comes from a family full of music.

Her mother graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and her grandmother tips for vocal music, while her grandfather played saxophone in the orchestra. Such a family background made Deng Ziqi come into contact with the influence of music since he was a child.

Deng Ziqi started singing while playing the piano at the age of 4. At the age of 5, she tried to compose lyrics and performed on television at the age of 7.At the age of 14, he wrote a song "Sleeping Princess" for the crush.

At the age of 16, she took this song to participate in the Hong Kong Union's Singing Competition and won the championship in one fell swoop.Two years later, Deng Ziqi officially debuted.

Because she had no fame, she sent a new song and no one asked. She started to upload the video of selfies every day to the Internet and sang on the streets of Beijing.She said: At that time, she would find that there was nothing to let go of dignity.

After the first album was launched, Deng Ziqi accumulated a lot, and it was sold out of the city for a week.At the age of 19, he held 5 concerts in the Red Pavilion and became the youngest artist in the history of the Red Pavilion.

What really made Deng Ziqi became the "I am a singer" program in 2014.Deng Ziqi, who is well -known in the Mainland, is amazing as soon as he opens his voice.

A song "Bubble" ended, and the audience was applauded collectively. At that time, she was just Lin Yijia's girlfriend. She wrote the song when her feelings fell.

However, how much praise is, how much slander is.In 2015, Deng Ziqi was inconsistent with the comments when choosing songs with the "I am a singer". The director directly posted on Weibo: Do not change the song?Just replace!

Overnight, Deng Ziqi became a white -eyed wolf, and 180,000 messages below Weibo were scolding her.

She unloaded Weibo and did not go out in the room for a week.At the moment of life, she only had music.She wrote the new song "New Heartbeat": As long as we do not give up, we will die and lose.

When the host asked how to look at the dark experience?She said with a smile that the happiness of life is not that they have not experienced these challenges, but after experiencing, you get up again and again.

Like this concert, the sentence that Deng Ziqi said after falling: Even if we fell in the light, we still have the courage to stand up.

In daily life, it is not terrible to occasionally ugly or encountering setbacks. As long as we stand up bravely, we will not have a hurry.

Deng Ziqi was really particularly fighting. At the age of 25, he completed 100 concerts in life.In the current music scene, fake singing seems to have become a kind of unclear rule, but Deng Ziqi will never pass this level.

On the day of a performance, she started to have a fever, and some artists would choose to take the counter.But before the opening, she swallowed a steroid, and the treble was still eight degrees.

Music is her life and belief, and it is not to be blasphemy.

After countless days and nights of hard work and struggle, she now has the strong ability and courage to start living at any time.

In this world, new problems and old scars are constantly alternating. I hope that we can all be able to face challenges bravely, but also let go of it calmly.

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