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source:focus(ID:dingjiaoone) author:Tang Yahua Edit: Dawn

"Thehotly discussed information end of the investor is from the media" and "the end of the investor is an Internet celebrity." These claims are no longer just a ridicule.

In recent years, due to the influence of the environment, the investment industry has faced pressure. Since the media has become a breakthrough point for investors to expand its career. Investors or comprehensively transform their self -media, or do investment while investing.

In the eyes of many people, investors, known as far -sightedness, are mysterious existence.Investors do self -media, the innate advantage is that there are glorious education, resume background, high thresholds, high density professional knowledge, and strong refinement summary and output capabilities.

Output text content, broadcast audio program, short video, betting live broadcast, etc. are the main forms of investors to do self -media.As for monetization, it is a common way to sell lessons for training, operating private domains (private directors, private teaching classes), and one -to -one consultation.In terms of income, according to the size of the media, the difference is very large. The difference is small, and the monthly income is more than one million yuan. Some investors have said in private: "I know that the live broadcast is so profitable, and I don’t invest for a long time.It's. "

However, not every investor can successfully go ashore to self -media.Their troubles are that they are in the investment circle everyday. When facing the public, it is easy to "not speak people", and it is difficult to seize the larger audience.There is no traffic and income; in addition, the strengths of most investors are mainly at the theoretical level, and the lack of practical experience also restricts their sustainable development.

Let's take a look, how can investors become a major trend?


Investors are fighting for "big V"

Investors who have the highest popularity in the media must invest in the chairman of the B -Cap (Shangliu Capital), the chairman of the Wayer's noodle mixed noodles, Wang Xiaolou, slippery plum, Zhou Heiya and other brands.People Wang Cen.He is self -media, by creating personal IP, and then selling classes and running a community. The vibrato matrix fans are close to 15 million and claim to be "consumer king".

Regarding his labels, Chinese consumer investment leaders, the first "classical" investor hugging Douyin, the first knowledge blogger of Lianmai on the live broadcast room, the first in Douyin detonated several fines in DouyinThe big V of the catering track.

Chen Jing, vice president of Qian Lanxiang Capital Investment, and Douyin ID "Tsinghua Chen Jing Chatting Commercial". In more than a year, she accumulated nearly one million fans on Douyin.According to her herself, she signed the MCN institution in the early days and spent money to find a live broadcast coach. Because of the inconsistent ideas, she also lost 490,000 "breakup fees".Later, relying on her persistent live broadcast, her fans rose to more than 500,000.Later, she began to do online courses, training camps, and private directors, and explained to the students how to operate the shake number with her own experience.

Wu Shichun, the founding partner of Plum Blossom Investment, has also been a short video self -media in recent years."Penny Penny's World" is the venture capital of the WeChat public account as its main battlefield. Penny is a veteran investor and a senior operation of former Ali.The venture capital circle caused a lot of response.

Zhan Hao, the founder of Zhuge Store and the founder of Nut Venture Capital, began to be self -media in October this year.He told "Dingjiao" that on the one hand, self -media wants to find projects for easy investment. In addition, he sees dozens of founders of catering companies a month. The information input is very large and has the desire to share.

Zhanhao Lord made a video number, and the video was also published on Douyin. One of them was posted every day and made a live broadcast once a week. The audience was mainly entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and investors.He is not only an investor, but also has practical experience."I have invested in hundreds of companies for more than ten years, taught dozens of companies, and helped more than 200 companies around me."

According to him, there are 2,000 people online for the second time, because there are many people in the circle he knows, and they often go out to share before. In addition, there are many dry goods, and there are naturally many people who are willing to listen.

However, as a self -media, Zhanhao also experienced a exploration period. The earliest he felt that he had to have sincerity when he accounted for the time of users, so each video was full of dry goods. LaterThe proportion of dry goods in each video is so high, because people come to relax. "

After understanding the ideal of Tao, Zhanhao began to speak more "human words", and recorded videos with fun and humorous style. The content has both dry goods and cheering for entrepreneurs and providing emotional value.

He said that what he wants to attract the media is an entrepreneur with annual sales in the range of 30 million to 30 million yuan, not ordinary fans. "Most of the companies of this scale have dozens of employees, most entrepreneurs start in scratching hands.When this scale, you must break through the organization and strategy, and someone needs to help him, and my value can be reflected. I can provide them with a whole solution.Fans are not in my audience. "

Former investor McGee McGee's transformation from the media is that she has always hoped to do something to be helpful to entrepreneurs, but she found that what she did in the process of investing was more icing on the corporate icing on the cake.

She wants to help the business model without a very clear entrepreneur jumping out of the details and standing in a higher dimension to think about the problem.For this idea, she began to be self -media in April this year, mainly talking about business and venture capital, telling everyone what investors are thinking.

"The most important thing to do IP is to let others trust their own identity. Investors do self -media first to convince others that you are senior investors, and it is also revealed by some investment circles and dynamic." Mai Qi saidEssence

The media is also the sideline of many investors.Chen Mo Mo, a senior consumer industry investor, mentioned that she has been writing an article. In 2020, she has made a podcast program that specializes in the VC industry. There are hundreds of thousands of fans on the entire network.Tens of thousands of fans have been accumulated in a year.

"Investors need a lot of deep industry observations. Fans of our audience group come from all ages and ages in various industries. They will contribute a lot of views.Consumer feedback. "She told the" fixed focus. "


Investors do self -media, each month?

There are several categories of investors' monetization ways to do self -media. The first category is to sell online courses; the second category is to operate a private area community, such as opening a private board, building a circle, providing courses and resources, and opening a private teaching education.Class; the third category is to do one -on -one consultation.

Wang Cen's Douyin Account Book window includes the "Low -cost Entrepreneurship Business Sutra" and "New Consumption Eight Character Sutra" with a price of 365 yuan, as well as a closed -door private director with a price of 9,800 yuan.Inquiry counseling, analysis of corporate growth pain points, rich resource links, mentor direct investment opportunities, etc.

Zhanhao is currently doing private teaching classes. He summarizes his methodology with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. In his opinion, most entrepreneurs have many common problems, and 99%of the question has a standard answer.Well, but everyone is at the current level of cognition. I haven't experienced it. I don't feel determined. "Most of the problems they encountered have encountered it before, knowing how to solve it."

How much money investors can make from the media are concerned by many people.

Chen Jing's commercial products include live training camps and private directors. The pricing is 9,800 yuan and 29,800 yuan, respectively.According to Chen Jing's self -report, she earned 5 million yuan in one year of self -media.

Zhan Hao has done more than a month with an income of nearly one million.According to him, the first private teaching class received 30 students, each charged more than 30,000 yuan, and opened a two -day offline training course every two months. The service period was half a year.Start the second phase of the students recruited.Because it is still in its infancy and the income is not good, he predicts that when the project is on track, the monthly income can reach one million levels.

He is not worried that it is difficult to start, but is worried about whether he can continue for a long time. He does not want to be so fierce now, and many models need to be tested and verified.

The self -media also helped his main business.Zhan Hao said that now he can receive a business plan that entrepreneurs vote for entrepreneurs every day in private messages. He is directly transferred to the investment director of his institution.In his opinion, the self -media is ready, and the income brought to the investment business may be a larger level.

After the first training class, five or six of the 30 students have found Zhanhao for the first batch of light consultation. The consulting service is temporarily free. The students are very satisfied.determination."In the future, if the students need to consult further, they will charge it. Some companies also need to provide us with running services. It will be a longer cycle. In the future, consulting services and running services may be made into separate projects."

For example, a student encountered a bottleneck in doing the headhunting business. Now the enterprise shrinks and the recruitment budget has declined. Zhanhao gave him a new transformation direction to charge the job seeker, because the current people in the market have become more people.To make a full set of counseling including adjusting your resume and finding a job, he promises that you will refund the money within half a year."My student returned to the company to adjust the next day. On the third day, there were new customers, and there was income on the fifth day."

For investors, providing consulting services is a relatively easier business model.McGee provides consulting services to entrepreneurs, charging 999 yuan in an hour, and income for tens of thousands of yuan in several months.

Benny, an investment manager of a PE fund, published the investment industry related content on Xiaohongshu. At the same time, he received the paid consulting business and charged 600 yuan an hour.According to him, five or six people consult each month, and the average person consulted for half an hour, and the monthly income was about two or three thousand yuan.Most of them are students who ask him, and those who want to transfer to the investment industry.

Generally speaking, the service charges provided by investors are relatively large, as small as a consultation of several hundred yuan per hour, online classes of thousands of yuan, and the number of private directors of tens of thousands of yuan.The number of customers is directly related.


How do investors do self -media?

Why are so many investors doing self -media?

In fact, the survival rate of the investment industry itself is not high. If an investor has poor investment in the past few years, it is difficult to have the opportunity to continue investing. Some people are bound to transform.There are also some investors who are also self -media to supplement their investment business and increase income.

In the transformation path, knowledge monetization is a short and fast way. It does not require too much investment and too long chain. For example, you can deliver curriculum products online.In addition, Chen Mo silently mentioned that the form of content and distribution channels has changed a lot, and the creative threshold has become lower. It is possible to make a big V with a mobile phone with a mobile phone to take a short video.Therefore, for investors, the media is a transition path of low threshold and easy to monetize.

Objectively speaking, investors' advantages in self -media are very obvious.

Many interviewees mentioned that first of all, most investors' academic qualifications and resumes have bright backgrounds, high knowledge reserves, strong expression ability and logical ability, convincing words, and easy audiences.In addition, investors' cognition is relatively higher than the public, and we can better understand industry trends and prospects.

Zhanhao mentioned that investors do self -media attention, and because some industries are now in the transition period, such as real estate and education industries may transform and want to hear investors' judgment direction.

Chen silently added that most people have a certain understanding of the investment industry, and they feel relatively mysterious. They have some curiosity. In addition, investors have strong learning ability, easy to accumulate materials, cognition, and are good at de -theoretical, structured, short -level, fast leveling fast.Output information on the ground, it is easy to produce content suitable for communication.

However, not all investors can succeed.McGee chose to give up after trying for 5 months.

First of all, after the exploration, she also mastered some traffic passwords. For example, you need to talk about some gimmicks, even if you break the chanting, or make a clear conclusion.Recognize, or expose things that are not good in the industry.

"I accidentally mentioned some hidden rules in the industry. The click rate grows very fast. I deleted it that day. If it is not deleted, there may be millions of clicks. But I think any industry has another side.As a practitioner, I don't want to do such a thing for the eye. "Mai Qi said.

In addition, she found that, in addition to sending short videos, it also needs to be broadcast live for a long time to help people answer some questions. For a long time, she couldn't keep up with her physical fitness.

She also noticed that most of the projects on Douyin are small businesses. Even if they do it in a few years, the probability of putting it in the investment circle will not be seen, but investors are self -media.Teach others to raise financing.Maggie can only pretend to be patiently explaining to the entrepreneur how to make a business model that is interested in investors. In fact, she knows that BP is regulated, and those projects will not even become an alternative to the investor.But if you say that Da Shi tells the other party's project without the opportunity, letting them do business downhill, it is equivalent to pushing their potential customers.

After hesitation, McGee gave up the media.

Investors do self -media, the shortcomings on their bodies are also obvious.Most investors do not have the experience of starting their own business.They look at the problem from the perspective of investors and capital. They have their own information barriers and limitations. The content of some investors does not meet the actual entrepreneurial.

In addition, the needs of users to consume this type of knowledge are also limited. They may not go to this type of course. When homogeneous content is tied, how to provide more valuable things may be a problem for investing people to think.

How do investors continue to take root in the field of self -media and provide value for their users?

Chen Mo's suggestion is not to exceed your own ability boundary, don't let the desire to quickly obtain traffic back. After all, doing self -media is to turn personal behavior into public behavior."Selling lessons depends on whether your class is valuable, not to cut chives. There are traces of the Internet. You must cherish feathers to prevent turning over the car."

She is more optimistic about some senior investors with very much investment experience or corporate operating trading experience. As a real treasure house, they can indeed help some entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

"I think it is more valuable to do the community and continue to provide new things for entrepreneurs. After all, the resources and attention of investors are different, watch more projects, and be a deep processor in the industry." Perhaps it can give entrepreneurs to entrepreneursReference and inspiration.Mai Qi said.

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